Apr 30, 2012

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Are you really worried about your abs?

Are you really worried about your abs?

Are you really worried about your abs?

Add following things in your diet along with regular exercise for fabulous abs.




fabulous abs yogurtYogurt:  Yogurt is a heavy source of vitamins.  It contains B12.  Yogurt helps in maintaining your blood cells and regulates your digestion system.  Yogurt is helpful in strengthening the immune system.  This keeps your stomach flat.  Avoid yogurt with added sugar.


fabulous abs  whole grainWhole Grain:  Risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems can be avoided with abundant use of whole grain in diet.  As per studies it is observed that along with proper exercise regular consumption of whole grain is significantly effective for reducing abdominal region.




fabulous abs  vegetablesVegetables:  All the veggies full of calcium, magnesium and fiber along with vitamin A, C and K should be a part of regular diet.  Veggies like peppers, yellow beans, asparagus and broccoli will be of great help in reducing abs.





fabulous abs  olive oilOlive Oil:  Olive oil is the best alternative for regular oil we use for cooking.  It helps in reducing fat and calorie intake.






fabulous abs  green teaGreen Tea:  Intake of green tea increases the metabolism and burns fat.   Start taking 2-3 cups of green tea regularly and see the effect within few days.



fabulous abs  applesApple:  Try having fruits at least 2 times a day.  One can include apple as a regular snack food.  Apple burns more calories than it adds to our body.




fabulous abs  eggsEggs:  A healthy break fast food egg can be treated as a perfect solution for building muscle fibers and brain chemicals.   It reduces the urge to have snacks and one feels less hungry all over the day.






fabulous abs  almondsAlmonds:  Stable blood sugar level can be maintained with Almonds.  It ultimately results in reducing overeating.  Almond is a great source of magnesium.






fabulous abs  salmonSalmon and Tuna:  Omega-3 fatty acids improve metabolism and burn fat faster. Even they improve body’s glucose insulin response.  Salmon and Tuna are the main source for Omega-3 fatty acids.






Enjoy being healthy and happy!


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  1. DR RUSHIKESH says:

    any typ of danse wt music n laugh 20mnts wl help…. hv capricoat n toffu in diet ,,, staircase climbing is also gd,, cherry n grapes is v gd,,

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