Dec 22, 2013

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Carpet Rangoli

My passion towards rangoli is from my childhood . Drawing rangoli outside the door of your house  on any festival  is one of the important traditions in India. Such rangoli can be drawn with colors or flowers . Normally I prefer drawing it with rangoli colours.  Recently I  drew a big size carpet  rangoli out side my home on the occasion of house warming.   I drew 6ft * 11ft rangoli alone with 15 hours of efforts.  It required almost 2 kg of rangoli and 1.5kg colors.  Drawing rangoli is my hobby and I am not a trained rangoli artist. But I am really happy with this rangoli experience as I was able to know my patience and stamina through it . J

Please check photos of my work below and video of completed rangoli design and give your valuable comments.

Started  rangoli around 7 a.m

carpet rangoli 1

I never draw rangoli by keeping certain designs in mind. When I start drawing it, I get ideas by Itself. The disadvantage is I can never draw similar rangoli designs again and again .      carpet rangoli 2


Spreading the colours is an easy job compared to drawing borders there on .carpet rangoli 3

You can see how small things in daily use can create a colourful wonder for us .

Small wood piece was used to draw the borders, pencil and stick of broom has been used to make the designs.  Plastic tea filters of different sizes were used to spread the rangoli colours evenly.carpet rangoli 4


Initially when we start a new venture, people are around us to know what exactly going on but as they feel it is going to take much time, every one gets busy with their own work J , at such times your patience plays an important role.carpet rangoli 5

It was almost 2.30 pm to complete the upper part of the rangoli that you can see in the picture above.

It was necessary to speed up the work as in winter Sun sets very early.  But I knew that it was not possible  to complete it before Sun set , so we made arragements for proper light to continue the work.carpet rangoli 6


Since I did not have any experience of drawing big rangoli before, it was a great challenge for me to complete it in a day.  Taking breaks in between , the rangoli was completed in almost 15 hrs, late night.carpet rangoli 7


The motivation behind this rangoli was my elder brother who reminded  of a small carpet rangoli drawn by me on Diwali festival in my childhood.carpet rangoli 8


It was really a great fun, drawing this rangoli.  It made me forget stress and really helped in peace of mind.  Every individual in the world is gifted with some art.  Dare to follow your passion and hobbies!

Check this video for entire view of rangoli…

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