Jan 18, 2012

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Chinese pregnancy calendar

Chinese pregnancy calendar

Chinese pregnancy calendar


Chinese pregnancy calendar

Do you want to know whether your baby will be a girl or a boy?  The above Chinese calendar provides the prediction about the gender of the baby.  You can follow some easy steps to make the prediction of baby gender.


How can you use the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar?


  1. The numbers given on the left side show the age of the pregnant lady at the time of conception.
  2. The months on the top of the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar indicate the month of conception.
  3. Now choose the age of the pregnant lady and the month in which she conceived, you can now exactly point out the matching box for both the choices.
  4. The spot or box exact where both the choices match will indicate the gender of the baby according to the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar.


Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is also known as the ancient Chinese Birth Calendar / the ancient Chinese conception calendar / the ancient Chinese calendar for gender / the ancient Chinese gender predictor. 


I am sure you might have had some fun with this Chinese Pregnancy Calendar.




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  1. Candy Lok says:

    So great that you have introduced the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar to India. This is actually a very popular gender prediction method, not only in China, but also at the western societies. It is free and quite accurate indeed!

    As the chart was invented in ancient China, so you have to use lunar (Chinese) age and month for the chart. You can find out the lunar age and month by using the lunar age calculator

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    YES , you can see the Facebook box on the right side bar,

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