Nov 29, 2011

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Men & Women

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men & Women

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men & Women




GIFT is a symbol of love, blessings, good wishes for happy and prosperous life.  So it plays an important role for the one who gives it and even for the one who receives it.


It is very easy to select a gift when we give forethought to it.  It is important to know first the likes, hobbies or the things the person loves to do to whom you are going to gift.  Something that makes him or her work, relax, play or add the beauty.


You can consider following while selecting the gift for your Loved ones..


It is an easy task to select the gift for him only when you know him/her well.  The likes of men are totally different from that of women when it comes for gifts.


Relationship:   Relationship with that person is the most important factor.  He may be your son, father, husband, boyfriend, co-worker or childhood friend or just friend. She may be your mother, wife, daughter, and girlfriend and so on.  The type of gift suitable for your boss may not be suitable for your father/mother too.  So consider your relation and age of the person while selecting the gift.


Interests:   Try to get information about his/her lifestyle, passions.  Whether he/she is interested in fitness or cool gadgets, a sports fan, loves to pursue fashion or loves to use some particular branded products.  Make a list of the same.



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Occasion:  Is it his Birthday? Is it Father’s day? Is it Mother’s day? Is it Christmas?  Is it just to congratulate on his achievement?  Or is it just to give him/her a gesture of love?  Make the list of the gifts accordingly.







Need:  Is it that particular thing which he/she needs but he/she does not possess? That may be a stylish watch or electronic gadget or electronic product like ipod, iphone, and laptop.

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Budget:  Never think that always the costly gift will please a person. Your feelings behind the gifts play a great role than its cost.  So try to eliminate the items in the list which are over and above your budget.   Now with the handy list, think of the gifts which he/she may appreciate if given as a gift.


Some of the gift suggestions for HIM


  • Shirts, Casual jackets over T-shirt, tie, Polo Shirt, Jeans, clogs, belts
  •  stylish wrist watch, computer games, laptop, memory sticks, cameras, headphones,
  •  Individual sports accessories like golf bags , club membership , fitness equipments, tickets to final matches




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  •  Wallets of different type, computer bag, favorite food, spa membership,
  • Books of their favorite writer, bicycles and their accessories, dinner at favorite restaurant, gardening equipments, beer glasses or wine glasses.






Some of the gift suggestions for HER

  • Ornaments, other accessories which suit her life style like purse, pen, jacket etc.
  • Make up and pampering products, good make over and photo session along with it
  • New clothes like lingerie of favorite fashion/style or from favorite store or favorite color or any traditional ware she likes.


  • Health and fitness equipments like yoga mat, treadmill, bicycle etc.
  • Travel to exotic location

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  • Dinner with family and friends / in any highly  rated hotel
  • Sunglasses, bag pack, beach bag, computer bag etc.
  • Cooking classes or cooking equipments






  • Flowers
  • Even some women keep good intentions and desire good experiences on such special occasions.  You may buy her a donation to help the people facing serious deceases or to orphanages or can sponsor a child for studies etc.  If you are sure that the girl or lady to whom you want to gift possesses such thoughts, you may go for it.


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I will like that all Men / Women  who will read this article should  post their Wish List in comment box and post the link to your near and dear ones for coming occasions and get one from them too.  J


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