Jan 15, 2012

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Divorce in india – A common problem? Is it really a perfect solution for life?

Divorce in india – A common problem?  Is it really a perfect solution for life?

Divorce in india

divorce in india

Divorce is something that existed since long time; however it is increasingly becoming a common problem in today’s society. Marriage is a contract that can like all other contracts be dissolved. However what separates a contract of divorce from other contracts is that

a divorce includes the life of two people who once shared an intimate relationship and related family members who might have dreamt  about happy married life of their son/daughter/brother/sister.

Since marriage is not just the bond between two people but the bond between two families and all related people with them, divorce also bound to disturb the life of both families and not only two people involved in it.

When there is a crisis in marriage life, emotions do run high. Lack of proper communication is one of the key problems leading to divorce. This usually happens when no party is willing to make a compromise and try to make the marriage work. Divorce; however is not the sole option. There are in fact three choices:  one can either live with it, or opt to separate or as a final choice, divorce.  The decision to head to a divorce is never an easy task. It can change the lives of people drastically. Divorce is in fact the hardest decision one gets to make during their lifetime. A relationship can be cut off but the emotions can never be. Prior to initiating a divorce there are several factors like finance that needs to be considered with utmost importance.divorce in india


Also it is better to opt for a divorce when all other options of trying to make the marriage work has got tried, tested and opted out. It has been seen that if one’s parents are divorced then greater are the chances for one to get divorced as well. Because as they have seen their parents divorce, they get this idea that if two people are not happy in a relationship then divorce is the best option rather than spending time and effort repairing it.  Whereas people who come from close knit families where divorce has been a  rare word, greater are the tendencies for such people to hold on to their marriage. Such people may also keep trying to make their marriage work. An important factor that needs to be thought about in divorce is children. Divorce can have a great effect on children, especially if they are big and have used to growing up in a two parent environment.

Remember that marriage is not a test drive. It is told by the lawyers that only act of war and the events of natural disasters are more harmful to a child’s psyche than the divorce process.

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