Feb 26, 2013

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Eco friendly Option’s – Reusable Newspaper bags

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Recently I visited a factory outlet of a reputed company.  I was surprised with the fact that instead of using plastic bags (with printed advt. on the bag), news paper bags were handed over to the customers who purchased their  products.  It made me think about the way we are used to plastics bags which is slowly destroying our life.


Do you think its high time to use degradable paper bags than plastic bags?

Do you believe that it is a high time to think about our coming generations?


If the answer is “No” then get ready for the destruction of  your health and environment.

It is a common practice to use plastic bags than paper bags. But plastics are   petroleum products.  In the process of recycling plastic bags dioxins are given off.  These dioxins are harmful for every living being on Earth.  One more disadvantage is plastic do not compost. There is nothing like biodegradable plastic.   Plastic product stays for centuries.  Plastic bags can be in a way considered as monsters. The day is not far away when we might be buried under plastic.


Use of paper bags may be considered as a better solution to protect our environment if we will consider following factors


  • Strength :  Now a days tough paper bags are easily available in the market.  So they can not be easily torn.
  • Durable :  Paper bags are reusable and durable.
  • Capacity :  It is a surprising fact that paper bags hold four times the content of plastic bags.  Hence one can avoid using multiple plastic bags.
  • Biodegradable :  Paper bags do not pollute the environment.  Composted paper bags can be used as fertilizer or as material for bricks.


In recent times the quality, designs, and shapes of paper bags have much improved.  Even the recycling process is more environmental friendly.


Check this video to see how you can prepare news paper bag at home in a simple way.

Save Earth, Save Life!

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