Oct 27, 2012

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English Vinglish Review: Shridevi, A great come back!

English Vinglish Review: Shridevi, A great come back!

English Vinglish Review:
Shridevi, A great come back!

english vinglish

English Vinglish is a story that touches the unusual subject which can be called as a tragedy of every typical housewife in Indian family.

Shridevi , as Shashi Godbole a typical Middleclass Homemaker in Indian family is just fabulous in her new found avatar.  She has perfectly balanced the character of Shashi who is a cautious housewife of modern times and the problems she faces in her small world.   Shashi a dedicated and a taken- for- granted homemaker who makes some money by preparing laddus . The story revolves around the fact that she is disrespected by her English speaking family members for poor linguistic skills.

The story goes really well from start to end.  It never deviates from the true essence of the story.  Even being an ordinary story, it teaches a lot of Life Lessons.  One can see it as an inspiring film.

This story gives inspiration to those who are facing the problem due to poor linguistic skills in family and society.  It is a lesson for those so called refined husbands and children who believe that a woman at home is just there, to work in the kitchen and not worth of anything else, ignoring the fact that she some times goes out of the way to please them that too without any complaint.  The last but not least, it gives the lesson to follow your dreams and make them come true.

Hats off to,Gauri Shinde for such a wonderful story and great direction.  Special thanks, to Gauri for writing such a touching story which has a close connection with the life of every Indian woman.

Guest appearance of Amitabh Bachchan is another attraction of the film.  Since, he is a great inspiration to the society in reality.

Shridevi in khadi sarees that suit her age and her role proves to be perfect dressing by designer Sabyasachi.  Lyrics and music of the film is perfect to the situation.  We never feel that the music has been introduced in between to fill in the blanks.  Amit Trivedi has really given a foot tapping music.

Love and respect are two essentials for a perfect family atmosphere which is the gist of the story.

Hence enjoy the film with your family and friends without being Judgmental!

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