Feb 4, 2012

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Facebook IPO : $ 5 Billion Filing

Facebook IPO : $ 5 Billion Filing

Facebook IPO

facebook ipo

In February 2012, Facebook is celebrating its 8th Birthday along with the news of its IPO which is going to hit the markets very soon.  Facebook is on its way to be a public company with an intention to raise $5bn which is the largest floatation ever by any internet company on Wall streets.


For the first time Facebook finances have been revealed out because of these IPO procedures.  Facebook is the leading social network which is most popular in China and Russia. It has 845 million users from all over the world.  Out of these users almost 483 million users log in daily.


Will Facebook users “LIKE” its IPO? I will like to “SHARE” the truth.


According to the experts, initially because of the popularity of the site investors will jump on the stock furiously.  And surely extra cash will flow and will allow FACEBOOK to grow.


Hope the social network whose basic aim is to make the world more open and connected, will show better performance of its stock in the stock markets after the listings.

  1. Dhananjay Chitale says:

    Kshama -Like any innovation, Facebook has dome some good and some not so good things to the genaration X. It has brought the people together as never before. But at the same time it has made them addicts. But one thing is certain – Any thing which has a mass appeal will attract money, emotions and people. what do you think?

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