Aug 31, 2012

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2012

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2012

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2012

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

All of us will welcome our beloved Lord Ganesha on 19th September 2012.  Many of you might be busy in deciding the decoration part of the Ganapati Festival and its arrangements.   Every one likes to make unique decorations every year with their own imagination according to availability of space.  Many love to   have simple decoration and give more importance to the design of statue of Lord Ganesha in different swaroopas.

The festival goes on for maximum ten days but in most of the houses it is celebrated up to five or seven days.  Hence the decoration we will arrange should last till the day of visarjana of the statue.

Following tips may help you in decorating your home for the festival-

•    Install raised platform in home which will give a nice look to the statue of Lord Ganesha.
•    While purchasing the statue of Lord Ganesha, make sure that you are selecting the statue with bright colors like red or yellow pitambar and golden ornaments.
•    Properly clean the space where you want to install your decorations
•    If you need to cover the space use multicolor tent or mandap.
•    If the ornaments are not carved on the statue, you can add golden, silver ornaments or imitation jewelry in pearls to decorate the models.  Most of the times those who bring Lord Ganesha at home every year on this festival , possess the traditional gold or silver ornaments which are specially made for Lord Ganesha.
•    Try to use natural flowers or artificial flowers for decoration.  You can arrange the floral carpet in front of the statue and change the decoration everyday.
•    You can hang balloons, bells, and all other material that is available in the market which is specially crafted for this festival.
•    Now days we get artificial fountain models to install in small space, you can use them to add the beauty.
•    Different rangolis as per the availability of space can be a cheap but the best option to decorate the home.  This will reflect your art and personality. You can change the designs or add more designs every day.
•    Lit the area with decorated diyas and candles or light strings.  Many designs are available in the market in attractive colors.
•    Keep the exterior of your home always clean and put some floral rangolis to welcome the guest in festival days.
•    Try to use fragrant flowers along with red flowers for pooja which will spread natural fragrance in your home that adds a sense of purity and spirituality.
•    Try to keep the atmosphere spiritual by listening slokas , performing Sahastravartans (Atharvashirsha) which doubles the joy of the festival.
•    Keep baskets full of flowers, shami and durva near the statue, so people can use it at the time of worship.
•    One can place the fruit art or vegetable art arrangements or food arrangements like Modak, Kaji Barfi or Laddus (which are loved by Lord Ganesha) in front of the statue.
•    You can keep small pots of bonsai trees to give a feel of nature.

•    If your imagination power allows you more in the area of decoration you can arrange the decoration on a particular theme like golden temple or vrindavan garden or metro rail or any social issue.
•    Try to avoid the use of thermocol in decorations and go for eco friendly options. Use paper and wood to make “Makhar” instead of thermocol.  Try to reuse the decorations in different way every year.

In addition to India Ganesh Chaturthi is observed in U.K, France, Mauritius and U.S.A and many other parts of the world with great spirituality and devotion.

Welcome Lord Ganesha with great devotion and everything we will offer him will reflect as a blessing in our life.

Wish you all a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

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