Nov 8, 2011

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Health Tips-November-8

1.  Tight & constricting clothing impairs blood circulation.  Always try to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing while exercising.

2. To add the flavor to the food without oil or butter, use freshly chopped herbs.

3. A moment of silence before meals prepares our body to accept the nutrition from the food we eat.

4. Happiness, joy and laughter creates health.  What you are doing is not bringing you happiness, find something else that will.

5. Messy and unorganized spaces can drain your energy.  For a quick energy pickup try to clean and organize the space immediately in a very limited time like a race.

6. To achieve a good health, its important first you should know why you want it.  Take out 15 minutes to write the reasons why being healthy is important for you.


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  1. Aniruddha says:

    Nice information Kshama madam.Very useful information , definatly it will helpful for us.

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