Mar 8, 2012

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How to get mental peace : Peace of mind

How to get mental peace : Peace of mind

How to get mental peace : Peace of mind


Peace of mind



Peace of mind is essential to lead a good, happy and peaceful life.  It is in fact a dream for most people to be able to forget their troubles, worries and problems and enjoy a few moments of happiness in mind and to be free from obsessing thoughts.

Peace of mind can be described as the state of inner calmness, a feeling of tranquility mixed with a sense of freedom. A mind enjoying peace is a mind with little or no stress, strain or fear. Well, needless to say, such moments are very rare and such a state of mind is very challenging and difficult to achieve.  You may consider your inner self to be at peace when you are in deep slumber or when you are on a holiday. When you are on a trip to visiting new places, that when your mind is in a state of peace, let’s call it a state of numbness of the mind. Hence, such activities, and similar ones, can bring about temporary peace to our minds. Well, but what we are discussing here is not achieving temporary peace of mind, but peace of mind for a longer period of time. Also, it is more important to achieve a greater peace of mind in times of troubles so that we may be able to pass through the times of trouble with more ease.

Well it may be difficult to believe, but it is definitely possible to make peace of mind a habit and to enjoy it always at all circumstances of life. Well, there are a few tips to attain peace of mind for a longer period of time.

  • By staying away from negative conversations and from negative people, we can bring about a greater peace of mind.
  • Learn to forget and forgive, and try not to hold any grudges.
  • Nurturing ill feelings towards another person can actually hurt our mind and be the main cause of sleepless nights.
  • Getting rid of the feeling of jealousy is one way to attain peace of mind. Learn to accept things as it is and be more patient and tolerant with people. These all lead to attaining peace of mind.
  • Be happy in what ever you have and try to improve your life with what ever is available with you.
  • Try to be happy.  No one can be the reason for your happiness except you yourself.
  • Never keep on thinking about the things which are not in your control.
  • Listening good music, being with kids, seeing a good movie, going out in nature can change your mood and may help in getting peace.



Over and above this regular practice of meditation and yoga (most importantly Pranayam) will result in long lasting mental peace and happiness.



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