Dec 18, 2011

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How to keep your children safe on the internet? Tips on safety for kids on Internet.

How to keep your children safe on the internet? Tips on safety for kids on Internet.

How to keep your children safe on the internet?

Tips on safety for kids on Internet.

Children are the most valuable assets of a family and of the nation. They are also the most vulnerable member of the society demanding great care and attention to not to divert and fall for dangers. The recent advance in technology helps bring about drastic developments in a child, however the same advances in technology also may pose great threats if not utilized properly and with caution. One of the main threats is the Internet and it is necessary to know about safety of kids on internet. Internet opens a world of umpteen possibilities to a child by expanding their horizons and at the same time internet also makes them vulnerable to a great many hidden dangers as well. There are individuals whose main aim is to lay out baits for children to get caught. One of the main baits includes sexual exploitation. Facilities like chatting enable these criminals to contact children and cajole them through their affectionate, loving and caring behavior. They spent time, patience and money and gradually win the hearts of the children. Some offenders even engage children in sexually explicit conversations and thereby promote child pornography. Some offenders even go to the extent to achieving face to face meeting with the children. So, with the help of parents, guardians and teachers, an effective check can be made on these offenders and safety for kids can be achieved.  The following tips and guidelines have been prepared considering the actual crimes that has happened involving children:



Maintain a regular check on the e-mails being received by your children. If in case they seem to be receiving e-mails from someone who is not acquainted with you then you can ask your children as to how they know the email sender.  If the person does not sound safe then the child can be asked not to communicate further with him or her. Further, the contact e-mail id can be marked as spam and blocked so the child stops getting e-mails from that particular contact id.

Place the computer in such a way that the screen is easily visible to the parents. Also avoid proving computer with internet facility in children’s rooms.  This can help the parent or the guardian to see which site the child is surfing and if the child is in a chat room then who the child is chatting with.

Now a day children learn even the ways to earn the money through internet and many unfair activist come to their help in such things because they earn it by unfair means.  So check the pocket money you hand over to your child and his spending behavior.

In addition, also use firewalls to prevent pornographic files/ web pages from being accessed by your children.

It is a hard to keep the children away from Internet but it will be easy to achieve the safety of kids on Internet with few measures like this.  I will love to know your experience about this.

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