Jun 26, 2012

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How To Make Aloo Paratha

How To Make Aloo Paratha

How To Make Aloo Paratha

aloo paratha

Aloo paratha is the most popular break fast food of North India.  Even if it has its origin in North India, it is loved by almost every Indian.  Aloo paratha is stuffed paratha with a spicy mixture.  So it tastes yummy and people enjoy eating it on outings and especially on weekends.

My experience of eating aloo paratha in Baddi(Himachal Pradesh when I was on tour) was really exiting.  The speciality of aloo paratha that is served in North India is, they are big in size, served with gobs of butter, yogurt and pickles of different type.

It is really a simple recipe and any one at home can try it to enjoy the change in taste.

To prepare Alu paratha we need

•    Wheat flour
•    Boiled Potatoes
•    Chopped Onions
•    Chopped Coriander leaves (dhania)
•    Chopped Green chilies
•    Cumin seeds
•    Turmeric
•    Oil
•    Salt
•    Aamchur Powder (dried mango powder)

Make semi soft dough by adding salt, oil and enough water in wheat flour (gehun ka aata).  Keep it aside.

Now we will see how to prepare the stuffing for aloo paratha / potato paratha

aloo parathaaloo paratha

Mash the potatos.  Heat oil in pan and add cumin seeds, turmeric and onion and fry at least for 2 minutes.  Add chopped green chilies and fry again for 1 minute. Add mash potatos , salt and amchur powder and again cook for 2 minutes.  Keep the cooked mixture aside.

How to proceed to make aloo paratha
aloo paratha

•    After kneading the dough divide it in the small portions.
•    Roll out the one portion of dough in 5” diameter.
•    Place small portion of prepared stuffing according to the size of rolled out dough.
•    Bring all the sides together and seal tight.
•    Roll out again in 5” diameter using some flour to roll on.
•    Cook your aloo paratha on griddle (tava) using little oil from both sides till it will be golden brown.
•    Repeat the procedure with all the remaining dough and stuffing.
•    Serve hot.

Tip:   Pure Ghee  can be used instead of oil to prepare Aloo Parathas.

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