Dec 12, 2011

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How to make squash and jams at home?

How to make squash and jams at home?

How to make squash and jams at home?


Home made food is always good for health.  Ready to eat or instant food available in the market has proven injurious to health due to use of chemicals.  Especially when it comes to the health of kids much precaution has to be taken while choosing the right products.  They love to have cold drinks, canned juices or jams.   Most importantly squash and jams are the part of routine diet of any child hence it is always better to make them at home.


Home made squash:


One can prepare the squash with the use of any juicy fruit.  Even you can go for seasonal fruits available in the market.




  • One cup fruit juice (fruit of your choice).
  • One and half cup sugar
  • One teaspoon of water
  • Preservative :  appx  1 pinch for one 1ltr




Extract the juice of the fruits with the help of juicer which will remove the fiber and seeds inside the fruit and we will get the clear juice. Keep the juice aside.







Now mix the proper quantity of water, sugar and citric acid (even you can use fresh lime juice) and put it on slow fire.  Keep it stirring and let the sugar dissolve.  After the sugar dissolves, you may remove it from the fire and keep it aside to cool down till 25 to 28 0c temperature.


Now add the syrup, fruit juice, color, essence and preservative together.  Your fruit squash is ready.





Color and essence is never used in mango squash.



Mix Fruit Jam:


Normally mix fruit jam can be prepared with all the fruits of your choice available in the market.  The most important thing which should be remembered while preparing mix fruit jam is never to use a single fruit in large quantity.   You can take the quantity of each fruit proportionate to the mixture and keeping in mind the aroma which you will like more for that jam.


I normally prepare mix fruit jam using grapes, banana, guava, apples, pineapples, oranges.  I love to use only one or two pieces of banana, papaya and other large size fruits.  More use of grapes or strawberry gives a good color and aroma to the jam.




To prepare jam, first wash the fruits thoroughly and remove its skin, core and all other undesirable parts.   Always cook the fruits with more seeds separately in thick bottomed vessel with little water for 8-10 minutes.  After cooking them mash and filter to remove the seeds.  Mix the mashed fruits with the pulp of other fruits and try to mash it to form an even consistency pulp.

Always the proportion of sugar and pulp should be 1:1

Now add equal quantity of sugar and pulp and start cooking the mixture on slow fire.

Keep on stirring it and ensure that the jam won’t burn in the bottom.  Do not allow the jam to boil but make sure that it will become thick.

When it will be thick, remove it from stove and add two spoons of lime juice for per kg of jam. Add preservatives and mix it well.


I hope your kids will be more than happy with these home made products and you will enjoy making it for them.

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