Nov 20, 2011

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How to make your own Picture Quotes?

How to make your own Picture Quotes?

How to make your own Picture Quotes?


I love reading the motivational quotes with pictures.  Today I am going to share a secret with you.  You can make your own motivational picture with your own photographs.


For this follow the steps


  1. Select a general motivational quote or slogan to include on the poster.  For this you can search it with the help of search engines.  Once you will select the theme like Inspiration, Success, Courage, and Travel and so on, you can write down longer quotation you want to add.
  2. Choose a digital photograph.  The photograph should match with your theme and message.  Here your photography skills will be of great help.  You can add the photos taken by you at different times. That will give a personal touch.
  3. You can add the photos of flowers, garden, places of historical importance, your family and friends and so on.
  4. You will have to transfer your pictures from the camera to your computer.   To make your photos fine just use the photo editing option and edit it to increase the brightness or adjust the colors.  You may crop the image and remove unnecessary portion of the picture.
  5. Now the most important part is to open the Motivator Tool.  You will get it on
  6. After going to this page the first option you will see to highlight a particular portion of the photograph.  You may set the portion you want to highlight in the center or in the Top/left or in the Bottom/right.  Make the right choice and click on the option.
  7. Select the border options.  Single, Double or Fancy.
  8. You have the choice to select the color


  • For Title+ Border:- Means the color you will select will be the same for your Title and the Border.
  • For Motivational text: – You may select a different color for your Motivational text, which should be easily visible and in the contrast with the color of the border.
  • For Background:-  You may choose an appropriate color considering the image you have already uploaded.



Now add the theme as Title of the picture and add the long quote as Motivational Text.  Click the Create tab and your picture with quote is ready.

Save it on your computer.   Check some sample pictures below.


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