Dec 21, 2011

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How to recognise a fake bank note/counterfeit money?

How to recognise a fake bank note/counterfeit money?

How to recognise a fake bank note/

counterfeit money?

Counterfeit money or fake currency notes can drive us into serious trouble if not recognized on time. There are certain tips to find out the fake currency note, and if these tips are well followed then one can be safe from the perils of being caught with a fake currency note. A minute scrutiny has to be conducted to know whether the currency is genuine or fake. Any currency, whether of small or higher denomination can be fake, hence it is good to keep a check on the notes you receive to remain on the safer side. The following may help you identify the authenticity of a note:

  • Check if the note gives a crisp and thin feeling. If the note is authentic and original then it would be printed on optical fiber paper. Fake notes are, at most of the times printed on paper made of bamboo pulp.  Alternately if the note is Xeroxed, then when compared to an original note, a fake note will have a faded look and there might also be a variation in the color from the color of the original note.
  • Intaglio or the embossed print on the notes helps the blind to touch and know the denomination of the note. The chemical “omran” is used in Intaglio which gives it a bright look. This is present in every note, so you can check for the intaglio on the denomination i.e. 500, 1000 etc. Counterfeit notes may not have intaglio, and this is a good way to determine whether the note is original or fake.
  • When the note is held against the light, a fine, shining “security band” might show. Similarly look to the right side of the Intaglio for a faint water mark. In a fake note the security band will give a rough and prominent look.
  • The number panel on an original note will be regular. In a fake note, the number panel will not be regular. In an original note, when the number panel is scrutinized against ultra violet rays, you may see the letters printed with fluorescent ink shine.  This is a good indication that the note is not fake but original.
  • The numbers in a fake note are smaller compared to the numbers in an original note.


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