Dec 8, 2011

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How to use Computer tablet?

How to use Computer tablet?

How to use Computer tablet?

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The development in the gadgets by lips and bounds is an effort on the part of the developers to fulfill the changing needs of the people in corporate world.  Taking notes at the time of meeting and later on searching the missing papers of t

he same was a common phenomenon before the invention of tablet pc.


Tablet pc serves the purpose of saving the digital files and to share them with colleagues without any delay.  One can write on the notepad just like he writes in the physical notebook.  Tablet pc is a portable devise like the laptop.


Start using your tablet pc this way


  • Initially you will have to configure your tablet pc for ease in its use.
  • Turn on the device and log in to your user account.
  • Check if you have a convertible tablet pc or you are using the keyboard externally to connect your slate tablet pc.
  • In both the cases you must have to calibrate you device, so that you can use your pen with it.
  • Now go to control panel and launch “Tablet and pen setting” menu.
  • You will have to indicate if you are right handed or you are left handed.
  • Once again calibrate your tablet pc for both landscape and portrait mode.


How to input the text?


  • You can start with Microsoft word to create and edit the documents or even any other program from Microsoft Office.
  • Keep your notes organized in Microsoft OneNote.
  • Now with the use of the pen, you can click on the icon that appears for the input panel and start writing.  Your handwriting will get converted in to electronic text.
  • You can correct your mistakes while writing with the help of the Tablet pc’s best guess which appears below each written word.  If there is any mistake, click on it and replace it with the right word.


You should remember that each time you

will change your program preference; you will have to recalibrate your tablet pc.

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Tablet pc contains the calibration program.  You are required to calibrate your pen for the dominant hand.  The way the pc and the pen should be accustomed to you, you should also have to accustom to them. If any person other than you is going to use it, every time you will have to recalibrate it for use.


Use of pen


Try to hold the pen tight in the same way you hold your regular  pen or pencil.   It is necessary to write in an even speed.  Use of all capital letters should be avoided.  Most of the time “right clicks” works as an eraser for the unwanted text or even some times there is separate button as eraser.   Before starting the actual use for your business purpose, practice a little bit and get acquainted with its use.  Make sure that you have a firm grasp of its working when you are required to actually use it for your work purpose.  It takes some time to get accustomed with it so try different applications and in a way be its friend.   You can rest your hand or wrist on the tablet pc while writing.  So do not afraid about it, it will just pick only the text you will write.



Hope you will enjoy working with your tablet pc with these tips.

Please give comments about your own experience with tablet pc.



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