Jul 8, 2012

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Is organic food better for you?

Is organic food better for you?

Is organic food better for you?

Organic Foods

In ancient times there was no concept as “Organic food” as every food that was produced was perfectly organic.  But in current era we need to know “what is organic food?” how much it is important for our lives and where we may get it.

Basically organic food is that food which is produced with certain procedure and satisfies following conditions…

•    Which is grown in the safe soil
•    Which has no modifications and remains separate from conventional products
•    While producing them use of synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes, sewage sludge based fertilizers and petroleum based fertilizers are not allowed.
•    Even in case of organic live stock, they should not be given antibiotics or any animal by products or growth hormones.

The basic problem in consuming organic food is its cost. Organic food is always expensive than the food produced in conventional manner.  But ascertaining our priorities in consumption of food may keep our organic product purchase in budget.  We can purchase the organic version of food we eat the most and particularly the ones which are very high in pesticides if conventionally grown.

From the information I collected from various sources , it is found that organic labels matter most in case of fruits and vegetables.

Following is the chart of those fruits and vegetables which have the highest pesticide levels on an average.  Hence it is best to buy them organic.
Organic Foods

Benefits of consuming organic food are enormous.  They are more in nutrients than the food produce in conventional way.  People prone to allergies of food, chemicals and preservatives find these symptoms fed away when they eat only organic food. Since

•    Organic food contains few pesticide or even some times absence of pesticide it is beneficial for
•    Children – in improving the immune system, good development of body and brain and for avoiding developmental delays and behavioral disorders.
•    Pregnant woman – will help in avoiding to pass the   pesticides from mother to child in womb. It will help in minimizing the birth defects and strain on weakened immune system.

Organic Foods

It is considered that organic food is always fresh and organic farming is always good for environment.   Many issues like conservation of water, soil erosion, high use of energy and infertile soil can me minimized with organic farming.

It is normally observed that locally grown food is organic.  This food can be from your own garden or your community or region or your country.

Normally we should prefer to buy local food because money stays and strengthens in local economy. Some times we can buy directly from the farmers and they get the direct financial benefit.   In case of transportation of conventional food, the produced may be picked at an unripe stage or very early stage than it supposed to be or there are chances to process it in the factories using preservatives to keep them fresh for transportation and sale.

Certified organic food labels can be seen on organic food packaging, still the decision to choose organic food solely depend on how much we value the benefits of the food rather than worrying about the product behind it.

So think how we can make organic food a part of our diet!

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