Aug 1, 2012

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Janmashtami 2012

Janmashtami 2012

Janmashtami 2012

Janmashtami 2012

Krishna Janmashtami is an occasion to celebrate birthday of Lord Krishna.  It is one of the most auspicious days for Hindus.  According to Hindus Lord Krishna was born at mid night on the eighth day of dark fortnight in the month of Shravan.  .   The actual celebration of this special day starts one day before with prayers and fasting which continues till the birthday celebration of Lord Krishna.
For the celebration cradle is decorated with flowers of different types.
The celebration ends when the statue of Lord will be placed in a cradle and rocked by every one present there.  Mathura and Vrindavan are the most important places where people from all part of the world gather to see Janmashtami celebration.  These are the places where Lord Krishna spent his childhood.

The main temples in Vrindavan are

•    Banke Bihari Temple
•    Ranganathji Temple
•    Shri Krishna Balaram Temple
•    Radharaman Temple
•    ISCKON Temple

All these temples are decked up with lights.   On this day idol of Lord Krishna is ceremonially bathed with a mixture of tulsi leaves, honey, yogurt, milk, sugar and ghee.  This is called “Panchamrut Snan”.  Later on this mixture is distributed as Prasadam.  Chanting of devotional mantras accompanied with the enactment of the incidents from the life of Lord Krishna is also the important part of this festival.

This year it will be celebrated on 9th August and 10th August respectively.  For those who observe fast it will start from 9th August, 2012. Dahi Handi celebrations will be held on 10th August.
Janmashtami 2012

Another part of celebration of Janmashtami is Dahi Kala or Dahi Handi.  It is celebrated on the next day of the mid night on the birth of Lord Krishna.  Breaking of Dahi-Handi , pot of milk, yogurt, butter, honey and dry fruits which is suspended high on the street.

In Vridavan the celebrations start almost ten days before. Whole city is filled with the spiritual atmosphere.   Sound of bhajans and mantras purify the vibrations of the area.  Lots of plays depicting the life incidents of Lord Krishna are performed on stage and Raslilas are performed in temple.

Nam sankirtan are arranged for twenty four hours from eight days before the celebrations.

What are the Janmashtami Rituals?

Fasting is the most important ritual all over the country.  All the devotees fast through out the day before the celebration of birth at midnight.   The fast can be broken after the Janmashtami Pooja of Lord Krishna.   Special milk delicacies are prepared to offer Lord Krishna.  But special importance is given to Poha (Rice flakes) with curd or milk to break the fast. And other prominent menu includes kheer, & shrikhand.
Janmashtami 2012

In Maharashtra Dahi-Handi is celebrated on large scale and competitions are held to form huge human pyramids and break the Handi.  People from many parts of the world specially come to see Dahi-Handi celebrations.

Many times due to ignorance or wrong judgment, many people fall down or get injured at such times.  Hence care should be taken to form the pyramids up to certain limits and there should be some rules and regulations regarding the height of Dahi handi and prize money associated with it.

Wish all devotees a very Happy Janmashtami!

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