Mar 9, 2012

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Keeping Everyone Healthy

Keeping Everyone Healthy

Keeping Everyone Healthy


Babies are beautiful and amazing little bundles of joy. They are also very fragile and susceptible to sickness. I am not suggesting that you put your new child in a bubble, never to expose them to the dangers of the world. Children get sick. It’s a fact of life. That doesn’t mean that we can’t reduce the likelihood of such events.
The most important factor for keeping you baby and everyone else in the house healthy is cleanliness. Get someone you trust to check your house for mold and mildew. While the adult respiratory system is not even phased by these tiny particles a baby can experience allergies at much lower concentrations.

baby changing station

Baby changing station

It shouldn’t need to be said, but changing a diaper is a dirty job. Get a cheap baby changing station and never change a diaper anywhere else in the house. I have seen some people change a diaper in the same place that they eat dinner and, unless there is a big mess, they just wipe the table down and call it good. Try to keep this changing station in the bathroom so that there are a minimum number of steps between you and the sink.
If you do buy a baby changing station, you need to make sure that it is made out of easily leaned materials. Get a food grade sanitizing solution, like Star-San, and wipe the baby changing station down after each use. You don’t need to worry about a food grade sanitizer in the same way that you need to worry about bleach and other cleaning agents.
Use this same sanitizer on the baby toys that you give to your child. All you need to do with Star-San is dip the toy in the solution and let it air dry. There is no extra rinsing or nasty fumes. It’s highly effective and completely safe. The only thing you need to consider is that it is acid based and can damage some materials that are susceptible to acid corrosion. It’s a light acid but it is an acid none the less. There is a reason that fruit juices are stored in a specific kind of plastic.

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