Dec 13, 2011

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Methi Thepla Recipe – Methi Paratha Recipe

Methi Thepla Recipe – Methi  Paratha  Recipe

Methi Thepla/Paratha  Recipe

methi paratha recipe

In the winter days if you are thinking to visit a place at longer distance along with family, this will be one of the home made items you will love to carry as snacks or part of lunch.   It will give you the feeling that you ate something substantial at times of travels.  I love it as the best Travel Food.  One can have it just as it is or with pickles or chunda (favorite Gujarati item) or vegetable of your choice.


Start with


2 cups of wheat flour (some times I add gramdal flour or other flours which might be left in small quantities.)


½ cup yogurt

½ tea spoon cumin seeds

1 tea spoon turmeric powder

1 tea spoon red chilli powder

1 tea spoon chopped garlic

½ tea spoon asafetida (Hing) powder

½ cup chopped fenugreek/ methi leaves (One can use dry fenugreek leaves which is available in the markets with the name of “Kasuri Methi”)

2 table spoon oil to add in the dough + the oil for cooking thepala

Salt to taste.



Make it this way







Add all the ingredients and knead firm dough adding the required quantity of water.  While kneading it, you may feel that the thepla dough is sticky as we add yogurt in it.  Use some more flour if necessary to reduce its stickiness with dash of oil to make it smooth from outside.

   Make 12-15 balls and roll them in approximately 5 inches in diameter.  Tossing the dough in flour while rolling it will help avoid its stickiness and you can roll the theplas in proper round shape.


Keep the skillet on heat and cook the rolled theplas smearing about 1 tea spoon of oil on both the sides.  When you will see brown spots appearing on thepla on both sides remove it from heat.

Cook all the 12-15 theplas this way and keep stacking the theplas one over another to prevent them from drying and preserve moisture.


  • Always cook the theplas on high heat.  Hence you are required to cook them fast.  If you will find the heat is inconvenient, change it to medium for some time.
  • If you are afraid of extensive use of ordinary oil from diet point of view, use Olive oil for cooking.



You can make similar theplas with carrot or bottle gourd (Dudhi)  which are similarly important for health.


Enjoy eating healthy food!


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  1. Have been waiting for the rcpiee ever since I saw this on your FB page. Thanks to you for the stap by step pics and Soma for sharing the rcpiee in the first place.Hey, I have a query here? Is there anything I can substitute in place of cream cheese? Also, can u please share your rcpiee for the green chutney that is served with kebabs?Regards,Seema

  2. Kshama Bade says:

    Hi Seema.. Instead of substituting anything in place of cream cheese you can skip it.
    For green chutney that is served with green kababs.. you can use chilies, mint ,cumin seeds,coriander and salt to taste.

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