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Modak Recipe

Modak Recipe

Modak Recipe

Modak recipe

Ganapati Festival will start now in few days all over India.  This year Ganesh Chaturthi falls on 19th September.  The special dish prepared for welcoming Lord Ganesha is Modak since from puranas it is known that Lord Ganesha loves to eat Modak.

This recipe is very different from all the sweet dishes we normally prepare hence many ladies are afraid to try it at home or many people buy them from outside for this special occasion.  I will request all the ladies who are curious or who are afraid of preparing it at home (as they feel they cannot prepare it well) to try it.   May Lord Ganesha shower his blessings on you when he will eat the Modak prepared by you.

For preparation of big size 21 Modak’s, you can take following ingredients.

To prepare filling of Modak
Modak recipe

•    Shred approximately 3 medium sized coconuts
•    ½ cup of unsalted pistas and unsalted cashews
•    1 ½ pinch of cardamom powder
•    Jaggery , ( as per its sweetness)— equal or ¾ of the quantity of shredded coconut.
Modak recipe

For outer cover of Modak

•    4 cup rice flour
•    1 ½ tea spoon unsalted butter or oil
•    2 cup water
•    ½ tea spoon salt.

How to prepare Modak?

•    Start with preparation of filling.  Mix coconut and jaggery together and keep aside for few minutes.
•    Now cook it well on medium heat in a pan while stirring continuously till it will mix properly and the jaggery will be melted.
•    Add cashews and pistas and cook it for two minutes while stirring well
•    Now add cardamom powder.
•    Cook it till it gets some what thick.  Now let it cool.  Do not put a tight lid on it.
•    Now the filling part of Modak is over.
•    For preparing the outer cover of Modak— start with boiling water.
•    Boil water in large size pan.  While boiling add the butter or oil, one pinch of salt in it
•    Now add the flour.  This is the most important part while preparing the outer cover of Modak.  Pay proper attention and stir the flour well after adding it to the water.
•    The stirring of flour should remove all the lumps so it should be done quickly.
•    After stirring cover it with tight lid and cook for few seconds.
•    Again remove the lid and keep stirring for few seconds.
•    Now remove the pan from the heat.  Pour a part of the mixture on a plate. Keep the remaining mixture in the pan and cover it with lid.
•    Knead it with the help of water and oil to make it soft dough.
•    It should not be too dry or too sticky.
Modak recipe

•    Grease the palms of the hands  with oil or ghee and make medium sized ball from the dough.
•    Flatten the dough to make a cup shape.
•    Add the coconut filling app. 2 tea spoons in it.
•    Now the artistic part of the dish starts —– many ladies use molds to shape the Modak’s but I will suggest using the fingers and doing it on your own while you are not preparing it with professional purpose, as the modak prepared this way tastes better than prepared with the help of molds.
•    To make it easy, follow these steps—- Dip thumb and index finger in the oil and try to make 5 to 6 pinches on the outer side of the cup.  Do it carefully without cutting the edges of the cup.
•    Join the shape together to make the shape of the peak.
Modak recipe

•    Put Modak on pre greased plate or just dip the bottom of modak i in the water for few seconds and immediately put them in the plate covered with banana leaves.
•    Now steam them with the help of steamer or cooker.  Steam it approximately for 5 to 8 minutes.. Take care if they are steamed more than that they will break and all the filling will come out.
Modak recipe
In Maharashtra  it is a normal practice to prepare one Karanji (same preparation in shape of Karanji) in addition to 21 modak’s  prepared to offer Lord Ganesha.

•    Your Modaks are now ready to serve.  Serve them with pure ghee prepared at home.
Modak recipe

The same way you can prepare Kaju Modak for prasadam with the help of Molds.

•    Use Basmati Rice flour to prepare modak as it gives nice aroma of the rice.
•    Try to use Organic Jaggery as it is perfect in its sweetness and good for health.
•    If you are preparing it in the days of Ganapati festival for Prasad, prepare the dish at the end of all other preparations for lunch as it is always good to serve them hot.

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