May 5, 2013

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Oats Ladoo Recipe

Oats Ladoo Recipe

From many days I was thinking to follow a healthy diet program for myself.  Many people recommended a list of diet food to me. Today one of my nephews forwarded me a recipe “Diet Oats Laddu”.  So I started searching the details regarding Oats benefits.  Some of them are as follows ……



  1. Reduces asthma risk in children.
  2. Increases appetite and control hormones.
  3. Improves immune system
  4. Helps in reducing the risk of Type-II diabetes
  5. Improves insulin sensitivity
  6. Lowers bad cholesterol
  7. Helps in controlling blood pressure.


I think after reading this everyone of you must be interested in knowing the recipe.


   Diet Oats Ladoos

 diet ladoos









1cup roasted oats

2 tsp Kharik powder (Dry Date powder)

2 tsp Ghee for binding

¾ cup jaggery

1tsp cardamom powder

Cashew nuts & Almonds for toppings


Now mix all the ingredients (without cashew nuts and almonds) and put them in mixer.  Grind them for five minutes.

Remove the mixture and try to make small balls (Ladoos)  of the mixture.  If you are using Quaker oats you can easily make the ladoos but for safola oats you will have to

add some more ghee to make the ladoos.  Now put a toping of cashew nut or almond on the ladoo and serve it.

diet ladoos 1








Enjoy Healthy Diet and yummy Oats Ladoos. Your Comments are welcome !


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