Nov 25, 2012

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Poha Recipe

Poha Recipe

Poha Recipe

Poha Recipe

Poha is a common menu for breakfast. It is a nutritious recipe.
It’s my favorite dish in the morning  . You will understand how it’s easy to
prepare after reading the following steps.


•    Two cups Poha (Rice flakes)
•     One onion
•    One tomato
•    One potato or any of the above as per availability.
•    One tsp mustard seeds
•    One tsp cumin seeds
•    Hing /Asafoetida  1/4th spoon
•    Salt to taste
•    Sugar to taste
•    Few curry leaves
•    Oil as per requirement

How to make tasty poha?

To start with cut onion, tomato in medium sized pieces and potato in small, thin slices.

* Soak poha in water
* Drain all the water
* Heat oil in the pan
* Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, Asafoetida , turmeric ,curry leaves and
chillies after heating the oil
* Fry potatoes till it turn golden
* Add onions and fry for few seconds until light brown
* Add tomatoes and salt and fry it properly.  You can add sugar if you prefer
some sweetness in it.  I normally add some sugar.
•    Finally add poha in it and put it on low heat for three minutes.


  •     You can add fresh grated coconut and green coriander at the time of preparation
  •     of the dish or while serving it.
  •    Lemon juice can be added to poha after its preparation or can serve piece of
  •     lemon along with the dish.
  •    If you are a fruit lover, you can add fruits while serving poha as a part of decoration
  •    If you like salad, you can use cucumber, carrot for decorating the dish.


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