Dec 3, 2011

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The Dirty Picture- A Tragic Tale (Review)

The Dirty Picture- A Tragic Tale (Review)

The Dirty Picture- A Tragic Tale (Review)

The name itself reveals idea about the film which is related to all dirt in the life of an actress.  Even after taking birth in a small village, she dreams about the success on big screen.   The film is related to real life of “Silk Smitha” a south Indian actress in 80s.


I was thinking not to express my views about this film while watching it.  As every coin has two sides, her life had many shades and two sides.  But I decided to write on it after watching the last shot of the film.  Jindagi jab Mayus hoti Hai , tabhi Mehesus hoti Hai……..



Vidya Balan as “Silk” tried hard to copy the expressions of the so called sex symbol of that time.  Vidya Balan’s transition from the role of a rural girl to a sex symbol was noticeable. The story tells the real dirty truth about all those who dream to be a top actress or actor in this industry.


The film is obviously full of vulgar dialogues since it is all related about the vulgarity in an actress life.  Vidya Balan has outperformed in her role.


For the first time Emraan  Hashmi got noticed for his altogether different role and keeping away from dirty shots even after being in a dirty picture.   Personally I liked his performance in this film.

The film gives the idea of real dirt in the lives of people who choose the wrong path to be successful in the way they want.  In between such melodrama, life gives “Silk” opportunities to once again go on the right path but her dirty aim never allows her to take the decision in the right way & ruins her life.

One can go and watch the film to know the world behind the curtains of the film industry.








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  1. gopika nair says:

    Of course, Vidya Balan’s role in dirty picture is noticable. She was dare enough to chose a role like that when others denied it and she worked very hard to copy silk, as u said. This picture not only represents the life of late Silk Smitha but also the gender inequality a woman has to face in every aspects of life..

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