Jan 25, 2012

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Tips on How to manage the house work?

Tips on How to manage the house work?

house workHouse work isn’t a cake walk; however, with the help of some tips you can manage the house work and actually make it feel like a cake walk. Cleaning, vacuuming, laundry all form part of housework and are few things that go on to be the last things that one would like to do. If you are a stay at home mom then house work may be manageable, but if you are a working mom, then managing house work is a real challenge.  And to add to that if kids are around, then house work becomes a real challenge. Whether or not you are a working mom, weekends are always set aside to spend quality time with the family. Hence, house work may have to be managed alongside work during the week days itself so as to relieve ourselves of house work on weekends. So here are a few tips on how to manage the house work during week days: –




  • It would be good to assign a particular day for each type of work. For instance, laundry can be done on Monday, Tuesday one can spend time to fold up the laundry which was done on the previous day, Wednesdays can be the days when sweeping and moping of the floors and rooms can be done, Thursdays can be spent on vacuuming and Fridays can be spent on cleaning up the bathrooms. Saturdays bed sheets and bed spreads can be changed. And Sunday can be a day off! This way, things can be organized and you may not have the chance of missing up on anything.house work



  • A chart can be put up with all the time table mentioned above, this may be an added advantage.
  • Besides, when everything gets done on week days you get the whole of Sunday to relax and have quality time with friends and family members. However there is a task that’s still to be done, and that is the de-cluttering task. Well, this can be done on a daily basis alongside the other household chores in the morning prior to heading out for the day.
  • Our priorities keep on changing as per the age of our children.  When children are too small, looking after their diet, health will always be the first priority and rest will be done in free time.  So check out your priorities and schedule your time table accordingly.
  • You can take help of family members by allotting certain work on permanent basis for them.house work
  • Perfect habit of arranging the things on their place after their use helps much in reducing the work time.
  • See that you are doing only that much work which is allowing you to take proper rest.  Since your heath is also an important factor while managing the work.


It is a proven fact that mother and housewives are the vacation less class.  They are the workers who don’t have the salary and fixed time off.  Love is the only reward for them.

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