Aug 17, 2012

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Travel Tips for Retirees

Travel Tips for Retirees

Travel Tips for Retirees

Travel tips for retirees

There might be very few people in this world who do not love to travel and explore different places. Most of the times people do not get opportunity to travel in their young age due to responsibilities related to their families.  Hence they dream to travel the world after their retirement.  But even after retirement due to health problems or fixed income such retirees are prevented from realizing their travel ambition.

Still there are plenty of safe and fun travel opportunities available for retired people.  Now days older people are becoming more active and eager to do many things.

Following are few tips for retirees who are enthusiastic to go for much anticipated world travel.

•    Never afraid of little adventure & be realistic  :  People in the age of 60,70 and even 80 want to go out and do the things they might have dreamt from years together.  Such people can go for “soft adventure” trips.  Soft adventure does not include climbing big mountain or white water rafting but one may consider riding a camel in Sahara.  It should be kept in mind that every one ages differently.  Some may be fit and fine just as they were in their golden years with some difference or some may be suffering from some health problems that preventing them to participate in more adventurous activities.  So it is always better to try to be honest and decide yourself as what you are up to before booking the trip.  There is no point in thinking that in my young age, I had a dream to climb Everest but now I can not fulfill the dream. It is always better to get the health check up and medical advice from the doctors before booking any trip.
•    Take the advantage of Time Flexibility: Since you are no more required to take permissions for leave from your boss, you are the king.   You can plan your trips as an when you want (well before advance or even on the last minute).  This gives the opportunity to save a lot of money in travels.  One can take the advantage of off-peak periods.  This means you can do Rome in early October and see Paris in April.  The added advantage is one can plan and book trips from the sites who offer last minute deals on travel.

•    Easy accessibility of doctors:  This is the most important requirement when you go out for travels.  If you are prone to suffer with any recurring health problem that may threaten your life, which might be a heart murmur or an old injury then it will be always better to avoid climbing the mountain.  Make sure before booking the trip that there always be a doctor near by on the cruise you might be traveling or good infrastructure and medical facilities within the vicinity you are going to travel.  It will be advisable that people who might be at risk of medical emergencies should not put them selves in the situation where they might be far away from the medical facilities.
•    Paperwork must be in order:  In addition to the easy accessibility of medical facilities, it is necessary for you to manage your medical conditions properly.  Always keep your medication in carry on bag and never put it in luggage.   Those people who are on strict medication schedule should take in to account the big shifts in time zone and manage their schedules accordingly.  While taking the travel insurance make sure to mention every pre existing conditions in case you have to cancel the travel just because of the same conditions.  It will be advisable to keep some type of medical history written with you so if something happens to you while traveling; time should not be wasted by the doctors in figuring out what’s going on.

Travel tips for retirees

•    Make a good choice: While some of the retirees may choose the adventure trips, some may choose the trips just for relaxing or enjoying the luxuries.  So considering the world tour, luxury cruise can always be a better option along with plenty of other options. Normally cruises are idea to travel for the people with limited mobility. They provide elevators for wheel chairs that take you right to the places you are required to visit or they bring the motor coach right up to the dock where ever necessary and possible.  And most of the times every such things are already planned for you and there is no extra cost you have to pay for it.
•    Select the options as per your budget:  Taking a river cruise is always an unforgettable experience but most of the times it is massively expensive too.  The total cost of the tours much goes up after considering other travel expenses including such luxuries.  Hence try to find cheaper options if you want to save money on this.  If you do not need room service, you may go for hostels.
•    Explore seasonal destinations as per your choice and comfort: Every retiree has different choice but some destinations attract the older set always.  In spring, normally people tend to visit the destinations with abundance of cultural attractions like India, Egypt & Costa Rica.

One of the best things to save for your old age is to save “your self” and travel the world with great happiness and satisfaction.

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