Jul 22, 2012

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Ways to Save Water

Ways to Save Water

Ways to Save Water

ways to save water

Monsoon is playing hide and seek this year in every part of India.  It is delayed this year and if the situation will continue, it will be worrisome.  So what might be the better solutions to tackle such problem?  Answer is save trees, save water and ultimately save the environment.

What we can do to save water?
From a small kid to an elderly person at home every one can participate in this mission.
ways to save water





•    The basic way to save water is to store it in a drum or any container and use it as per requirement.
•    Teach your children the importance of water conservation since in many parts of world people have to buy water from private suppliers due to shortage or non availability.
ways to save water

•    You can change the method of taking bath to save water.  Follow some simple steps —–This technique was developed by our Navy to save water while on ships as they can use the saved water for drinking and cooking.

1)    When you will go for bath, jump in the shower and turn the water on.  When you will be totally wet, turn the water off and take your soap, shampoo or conditioner and lather up. Now turn the water on, rinse off and you are done.  This type of showering will save 56000 lts of water per year.   Do not spend hours together in your bathroom under shower or in your tub, wasting water.
2)    Do not keep the water running if really not needed in kitchen and bathroom.
3)    If you still taking tub bath, you can use the bath water to flush the toilet by pouring it with bucket.
4)    Another method is, you can connect the drain of your bathroom sink to the down pipe that flushes your toilet.
5)    Reduce water flow while washing small utensils or bowls.
6)    The water used for kitchen sink even can be used for the plants in the garden outside your house.
7)    Avoid washing few clothes separately.  Washing a full load of laundry saves water for sure.  Use any natural resource like well or river to get water for washing clothes and other activities if possible at your place.
8)    Use appropriate water level setting on washing machine.
9)    Turn of  water while scrubbing the dishes.
10)    If you have a dishwasher, try to run always fully loaded.
11)    While mopping the flour use one third or half of bucket of water instead of full bucket.
12)    While drinking the water, take only required quantity of water in your glass to drink.
13)    Repair all pipes and facets for leaks and dripping taps.

Ultimately here we saw the recycling of used water even to save money.  This way we can help the environment and indirectly we are in a smaller way returning back the favors that nature showers on us.  This way one becomes a responsible citizen who is always alert about his surroundings and his rights and duties related to it.

Always be creative and innovative and find out better ways to conserve water.



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