Nov 12, 2011

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Weight Loss & Fitness For HEALTH, WEALTH & HAPPYNESS.

Weight Loss & Fitness For HEALTH, WEALTH & HAPPYNESS.


Today while reading the news paper, I came across interesting news about a wristband.  The wristband comes with the special features.  It tracks our eating habits, sleep and exercise.  The band is synchronized with an application in iPhone to give advice about how to be healthier.  In addition to this the machine prompts a person to get up and move if he is sitting still.


I was surprised with its features. But at the same time realized that, after having a lot of machines and accessories to keep our self healthy, lack of willingness to take efforts keeps us away from health.  I am glad that I have started my fitness program some months before and it is going as per schedule regularly.   I will love to share some of the ideas which I follow to keep myself fit.


I have increased my water intake to approximately 2-3 liters a day.  Having small frequent meals helped me a lot.  It is necessary to sit down at one place and take our meal mindfully at least for 25 minutes.  I have increased the intake of ginger, garlic, onion which has helped me in lowering the fat levels.  Sprouts, cocked or raw vegetables have been included in the breakfast.  I normally avoid taking fruit juices; instead try to eat whole fruits. If once a while I will have heavy meal, I try to compensate it by making other meals lighter.  Specially when I have had some outings or celebrations or functions and have gained weight, I try to eat more fibrous food and take light meal for a week to knock off my weight.


Trying to be active in our day to day life and to take a walk at least for one hour is the most important portion which cannot be avoided in any circumstances.  I think I have given the key to start your weight loss and fitness program.  Keep a weighing machine at home and check your weight every week.


Never think that you don’t have time for exercise else one day you will have to find the time for your illness.

  1. Very nice article! I will try this technique…

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