May 22, 2012

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What to do in an Earthquake?

What to do in an Earthquake?

What to do in an Earthquake?

What to do in an Earthquake?


In news papers and on TV almost every day we see news about earthquake in one or the other part of the world.  Due to information and technology the world has come closer and now people are given alerts about all such natural calamities well in advance.  This is one way helpful in preparing ourselves to face the situation.


Here we will see how we can take precautions for the safety of our family in the event of an earthquake.


  • Keep calm and immediately start taking steps to protect yourself.


  • When the earthquake starts and you realize about it, try to hide under a wooden table or desk and make sure that top of the table is not of glass.  You should do this to protect your head from following objects.
  • If you are near the doors or windows try to open them, so you can get out of house from there after the earthquake.  During earthquake normally the doors may get damaged or stuck.
  • Keep cool and do not be in a hurry to go out during earthquake.  Sever shaking happens only for a minute or so.
  • If you are driving then stop your car on left side of the road. Stop the engine. If you want to evacuate then it is recommended that leave the car and you walk for your safety.

What to do in an Earthquake?


  • Just keep on thinking about the things you immediately should do after the shaking stops.
    • Put out all the fires immediately.
    • Never try to do this during earthquake.
    • Close the gas valves so no gas escapes.
    • If you will have to evacuate your home make sure you will turn off the breakers so the electricity will not come out.
    • If fire starts, do not afraid, try to put it out with fire extinguisher or water. Shout “FIRE” loudly and alert your neighbors and get their help to put off fire.


The most important thing people should remember in such situation is to protect themselves.  Nothing is important than our lives. If you will have to evacuate your home, remember always that protecting your body will be the priority on every step.


  • If you are not sure where to evacuate then you can go to any open space like park, garden, school ground or campus near by.
  • Never go by narrow streets and avoid walls.
  • Never take your car since there may be traffic jam so you walk for your safety.
  • If you are near the oceans then be aware of the danger of tsunami and try to take shelter on high ground.
  • There is always a danger of land slides and cliffs, hence keep away from mountain side.
  • Keep away from rumors.  If possible turn on your TV or radio.  Listen to the announcements by fire dept. and police.
  • Help injured people keeping you safe.


If you need to leave your home, take only necessary items with you.  You may think on following list





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