Jun 3, 2012

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When is Fathers Day 2012

When is Fathers Day 2012

When is Fathers Day 2012 ?


Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 17, 2012.

Fathers Day 2012

Fathers Day 2012


Father the word itself has its own virtues. 

 Father is …..

F –  Forgives us for our mistakes.

A–   Accepts us the way we are.

T–   Teaches us the truth of life.

H–   Helps us on every step.

E–   Eager to see us always on top.

R–   Ready to support us in every up and down.

Every year Father’s Day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June in USA, UK & Canada & on 1st Sunday of September in Australia & New Zealand.  Following chart will show you the dates of Father’s Day which will be celebrated from 2012 – 2016.


Fathers day 2012

Fathers day 2012



Celebration of Father’s day is a celebration of father hood and parental bonds.   Most of the times we see in families children are more attached with mother since she has to give more time to them than their father.  But the responsibility attached with father hood is equally important as mother hood.   Father’s Day reminds whole the family about the way they are supported by the head of their family (Father) in every way of life and gives the chance to express love and respect.

To express your love and gratitude you can do small things for your Father on Father’s day.  I have prepared following list of ideas for the same.


You can gift your dad.

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  • A greeting card  or family photo on canvas for wall art
  • A surprise dinner that will be delivered to his door.
  • A gift voucher of club
  • A new cell phone
  • A wall art or any items for your dad’s office
  • Shirts / T-shirts
  • Sight seeing tour for which your father might be eager for long
  • Laptop or travel bag
  • Camera


The other alternatives are


  • Make a nice poem on him and hand over him on a greeting card.
  • Prepare the food of his choice at home
  • Call his friends or close relatives and have a nice party and get-together.
  • Recollect the memories by seeing the old photographs along with father.


Some special ideas you can refer this video

It is always said that small pleasures in life give a lot of happiness.

So share your joy and happiness with your father in the best possible way on this Father’s Day!


Wish all Fathers who are reading this article “A very special and joyful Father’s Day”.

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